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Are you looking for a no-nonsense common sense approach to the emergency response training? Do you need someone that you can talk to day or night whenever the problem exists? Does the cost of training hinder you or your organization's potential? Do away with the smoke and mirrors response to Hazmat Incidents. What are the answers you need from a training institute that can provide you with tactical training solutions? What type of consulting company do you need? Ask for HazTrek Emergency Response Training and Consulting LLC today! ​

HazTrek LLC is a group of responders and trainers that believe that training and exercises are the next best thing to the real deal for emergency response. HazTrek LLC comes to the table with over 125 years of emergency response experience. ​

If you are an Emergency Responder that has a question. We are offering you a forum to express ideas or find answers. We are trying to make it easier for you to find the answer. ​ Use this site to find the answers among our growing number of responders that meet here!

The following HTACs classes are on the OKOHS website and ready for registration: See above on how to register. Please feel free to forward this information as you feel is appropriate.
If you are interested in hosting a class, please contact Clint Greenwood at clint.greenwood@haztrekllc.com. Check out our website for events and courses as well. www.haztrekllc.com

More classes being scheduled!

HTAC Courses - All of these courses are funded through the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security.

​October 10th Duncan Fire Department 8 hour HTAC Course​​

​October 11th Duncan Fire Department 8 hour HTAC Course​​

​October 12th Duncan Fire Department 8 hour HTAC Course​​

​November 11th Cleveland Fire Department (Oklahoma) 8 hour HTAC Course

​January 8th and 9th Oklahoma City Fire Department 16 hour HTAC (Technician) Course (Day 1)

​January 10th and 11th Oklahoma City Fire Department 16 hour HTAC (Technician) Course (Day 2)​​

​January 13th 2018 Gage Fire Department 8 hour HTAC Course

​February 22nd and 23rd 2018 Durant Fire Department 16 hour HTAC (Technician) Course

Conference Appearances 2017-2018

Continuing the Challenge Hazmat Conference - Sacramento, California September 5th - 8th 2017

​Emergency Preparedness and Hazmat Response Conference - Pittsburg, Pennsylvania October 17th - 20th 2017

​Hot Zone Conference - Houston, Texas October 19th - 22nd 2017

​FireShows West Conference and Expo - Reno, Nevada November 6-9, 2017

​2018 Florida Hazmat Symposium - Daytona Beach, Florida January 16-19, 2018

Previous student thoughts on this program;

The Hazmat Tactics Analysis class presented by Clint Greenwood and Haztrek LLC is a must have for any responder.  Especially those that could find themselves in command of a hazmat incident.  The course takes the fear out of hazmat and introduces the science and common sense to the response.  I have taken the class twice and picked up on something new each time.  I would recommend HTACs to everyone.  We have already implemented the course into our responses in our department.
Lt. Tony Samaniego
Newcastle Fire Department

HazTrek LLC has Some Fantastic News!

Haztrek Emergency Response Training and Consulting LLC has been awarded a three-year contract with the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security. OKOHS has purchased the new HTAC's - Hazmat Tactical Analysis Cards course for the Regional Response System in the State of Oklahoma. We will be providing the 8 hour course, which is geared toward First Responders in the Awareness and Operations Level, and the 16 hour course, which is geared toward the Hazardous Materials Technician Level Responder. Below, you will find a brief description of the courses.

These courses are free for any responder wishing to take the course. We are providing this course all over the state. We have already confirmed seven sites around the state which will be hosting the course. Check out our calendar below to see where we will be at. Go to the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security to register for a class close to you. 

How to register for a training course on the OKOHS website:

Log on to www.homelandsecurity.ok.gov

  • Select the Big Blue Calendar
  • Use the search menu to find the course
  • Searches can be by date , subject or township
  • Once the class is found , select the Register for course (Gray bar) in the upper middle of the screen
  • Follow the registration prompts

NOTE: if this is your first time to use this system you will be asked to make a user ID.

If you can't find one close to you, contact Oklahoma Homeland Security through their website. Maybe your organization might be interested in hosting a course. If you are interested in hosting a class at your agency, contact Haztrek LLC through this website under the "Contact" heading.

HTAC's - Hazmat Tactical Analysis Cards, Using the Science, Not the fear in Hazardous materials Response.

Haztrek Emergency Response Training and Consulting has unveiled a new course. We call it HTACs Training. HTACs stands for Hazmat Tactical Analysis Cards. These courses have been developed in an 8 hour and 16 hour delivery. The 8 hour is an Introduction to the system whereas the 16 hour is more conducive toward the hazardous materials technician.
This course is designed to prepare local emergency responders to systematically organize and operate during hazardous materials situations.  This two day course uses a systematic algorithm to disseminate chemical properties using the NIOSH Pocket Guide, Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s) and many other chemical resources that may be used during a hazardous materials incident. With these skills it will make the emergency responder aware of the significant decision-making points responders will need for critical thinking for site safety for emergency responders and the public. The student will learn to develop incident action plans, tactical objectives, and determine safe operations by interpreting chemical properties found in the NIOSH Pocket Guide or any other chemical property reference material. This course will aid in improving plans for emergency response operations throughout incident response.  In addition, this course will assist in devising a system for operational planning to support with decision-making skills in the early hours of a hazardous materials incident.

What Is Happening with Haztrek Emergency Response Training and Consulting LLC?

There are changes on the horizon!

Haztrek Emergency Response Training and Consulting LLC is going through some growing pains. Fortunately these are good pains. New clients, new classes and plenty of new ideas are what we are seeing. These are the kind of things that all concerned cannot help but be excited about. In the coming months, Clint Greenwood will be making some big announcements and with a little luck, you'll be able to have front row seats to experience the growth that we are looking forward to.

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